Twins tank it

The Twins, eliminated in three in the best-0f-5 divisional series, have been victimized by their own good fortune. Since after the All-Star break, they had been living in a bubble of sorts, dodging with grace injuries to Radke and Liriano, and playing awesome, "get back on the bandwagon, people" baseball.

The sheer brilliance of "youngstas" Mauer and Morneau, coupled with the consistent class acts of Torii Hunter, Johan Santana & Co. gave the Twins fans reason to celebrate. With Mauer's batting title and the MVP seasons of Morneau and Santana, how could the Twins possibly lose to the supposedly average A's? They can and they did. The Twins came crashing down from their post-season high in spectacular fashion, leaving not so much as a plume of smoke in their wake. Before they lost this series, they lost heart.

Somewhere, Kirby Puckett is crying.