Mr. Darcy and the Ruined Brackets

Optimism displaced by realism.

This neatly sums up my 2008 Adventures in Bracketeering. My slim hope for redemption rests squarely on the shoulders of my ESPN bracket which boasts the most green-circled entries, and has Kansas as the National Champs. Picking the Hoyas on the other two was a bit too optimistic, and the Hoosiers in the Final Four? Perhaps the baby was protesting too loudly in his Exersaucer for me to think straight. Yeah, that's it.

As for a Pride & Prejudice reading update, I'm at the part where Jane is ill and Elizabeth has rushed to her side, much to the chagrin of the snotty Bingley sisters. I keep picturing scenes from the 2006 movie as I'm reading. I missed the Masterpiece production of Emma this past Sunday, but hope to see it soon.