Dancing With the Stars, NCAA edition

Today, 64 teams with big dreams and bigger hearts begin their pursuit of the the national championship. Every team, from the biggest brand-name universities to the smaller private colleges believes that the national championship can be theirs.  With Kentucky's epic loss to Robert Morris in the NIT, no less, there will be no repeat champion this year.  Who will shine in the spotlight?  Who will trip, fall, and leave the stage with their heads bowed and spirits bruised?  These answers will begin to be answered today.

There is a Cinderella awaiting "her" crown, usually the small college with big dreams and bigger plays that shock a higher-ranked team into elimination, and an early trip home.  Soon, the statistics gurus will be chin deep in factoids and sound bites, and the odds makers will be scrambling to keep up with it all.  With brackets filled out, and anticipation building, let the Madness begin!!!