Labeled and Libeled by the ACLU

Getting the mail is normally a dull activity, with the occasional exception of finding rebate checks or presents in the box. Today, however, was different. Through no effort on my part, I received a membership offer from that liberal-with-a-capital-L organization, the ACLU.


In the missive, President Bush is villified and everyone calling themselves Christians are blasphemed. In one breath the ACLU call themselves champions of religious freedom, and in the next, they accuse President Bush and his allies of blurring the line separating church and state. The letter never details precisely which religions deserve freedom but we can assume Pentecostal Christianity is not high on the ACLU's list.

Their agenda includes dangling a carrot on a stick to a group they call the "persuadable middle," made up of those fence-sitters that cannot make any sort of decision on their own, and need the ACLU to lead them down the wide path toward a world that is God-free, abortion-abundant and soulless.

Sorry, Ms. Strossen. I'll have to respectfully decline your offer.

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