Shock and Awful

Well, folks, Election Day is over. Thank goodness all those political ads are too.

Currently, conservatism has been sucker-punched. I for one will be happy to help it up off the floor, brush it off, and restore it to its former glory. Obama is now our (gulp) President-elect, and all I can say is...let the carnage begin, so we can get it over with.

When we as Americans look back on our country in the year 2012, it will be a shadow of its former self, this much I know. The dazzling persona, the celebrity that is Barack Obama is will lose its luster less than one year from now as the radical agenda he proposes is carried out in all its liberal glory.

Many people look at Obama through rose-colored glasses. He is their messiah and will save them from a life of poverty and mediocrity. What will they think when they find out he is a mere mortal like the rest of us? The dawn of this realization will be far more painful than any circumstances they currently find themselves in.

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