Bugged...or WHACK to nature

Here in my little corner of the world, we have had an abnormally cold spring. Somehow this hasn't slowed the proliferation of insects from making themselves at home in my home. A black ant was crawling on my neck one night last week as I slept. I grabbed it and threw it against the wall. CSI, with the "I" standing for insect, occurred the next morning. At least it wasn't a black widow.

A wasp stung me and I still have the evidence on my wrist. Then the worst moment so far for this ant-whacker... my toddler son walks up to me, his chubby fist encasing some new treasure. It turned out to be a half-dead box elder bug. Just typing the words gives me the creeps. The mosquitoes with their GPS systems set for a direct hit on me, haven't discovered me...yet. It's only a matter of time.

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