A Font to Remember

It's time to come clean. My name is Leslee, and I'm a fontaholic. A fontaholic is one who, when presented with a body of text, takes more time choosing the font for the text than creating the text itself. There is a dizzying array from which to choose. Do I bore people to death with Times New Roman or Arial? Matisse can cause serious eye strain if the font size is too small.  If  Fiolex Girls is overused, no one takes you seriously. 

Many moons ago, at the esteemed university I attended (the "Harvard of western Wisconsin") the available font choices were few, and Pica and Elite were pretty much it.  Had there been more fonts available, I would probably still be in my dorm's basement, wondering whether to use Papyrus or Segoe Script for my final paper in Dr. Brohaugh's Shakespearean Tragedy class. 

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