bonheur domestique 1

"...she shall have music wherever she goes..."

Sophie, my 5-year-old, must have been the inspiration for this nursery rhyme. She loves to sing and knows the words to many songs. She can also guess many songs when you hum or whistle them for her. Growing up, I would memorize all the songs off of Broadway cast recordings, and sing in my room, hoping my little sister wouldn't bust me. Sophie sings in the bathroom, in the car, in Target, and even to passersby on the street. No one's thrown money her way yet but I'm sure in time...

Sophie also likes to ask if a particular song is a "God song" (one that glorifies God). Sometimes I tell her, "God inspired the person to write the song." She doesn't always like that answer, but may begrudgingly add the song to her ever-expading repertoire. Sophie wants to be an opera singer when she grows up, among other things. I am hoping she will be onstage someday, singing her heart out.

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