Don't be a (Patriots) hater

Okay, so the Patriots lost Sunday. Dropped passes and other miscues cost Brady & Beli the game. I'm bummed, but life goes on. I don't even hate the Colts. (Don't even get me started on the Bears, however).

There are two blogs I've noticed out there, one for Pats haters and one for Pats lovers, and what a difference. One blogger spends his/her time using the Lord's name in vain the entire blog entry, ranting unintelligibly, while the other gives good insight into why the Patriots won or lost a particular game. The Pats hater blog makes you that much more resolved to cheer the Patriots on, even if you could care less about them. GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS GO PATS. Take that, Pats Haters.

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